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Kali Shiva MX Helmet - CycleWorld

The Shiva™ is Kali Protectives newest offering for the off-road market, and at 1050 g, it is one of the lightest and smallest DOT full face on the market. While being light weight is a great talking point in terms of reducing neck fatigue, it doesn’t matter if it’s not safe.

Our products are unique in the motorcycle industry in that our foam and shell are in-molded. That means the two components are one piece, rather than being glued or taped together like that crummy skate lid you wore as a kid. This enables us to make lighter and thinner shells, which means in an impact, the shell can begin transferring energy into the foam sooner.

We consider ourselves to be industry leaders in innovation, so we've continued to evolve our manufacturing process by introducing a unique multi density foam liner. With the use of geometric shapes, our foam liner helps to spread impact loads over a larger surface area, and better absorbs medium to big hits. We combined this multi density foam (which marketing calls Composite Fusion™ Plus) with a softer layer around the head for lower speed impacts.

As we continued to evolve this process and test new ideas, we discovered a triangular pyramid shape which helped dissipate energy even better. When we tested it in one of our existing bicycle full face helmets, we found we could pass DOT certification without making any compromises in foam density, shell thickness, size, or weight.

Taking what we learned from testing, we designed the SHIVA™ to incorporate this new energy dissipation technology (Composite Fusion 3™), as well as meeting other goals – like reduced size and weight. We were particularly focused on creating a smaller helmet because recent research indicates that by reducing the size of a helmet by 10%, you can reduce the effects of rotational forces by 22%.

The basic idea is that by reducing the size and radius of the helmet, you can reduce the amount of leverage applied to the head. The larger or heavier the helmet is, the more torque that is being applied. The science is contained in an equation you learned in high school physics class (Force = Mass*Acceleration), and expressed in practical terms every time you use a breaker bar.

By reducing the size and weight of the Shiva™, we were able to create a safer helmet overall, that also performs measurably better in rotational impacts. As an added benefit, the smaller volume also helps reduce fatigue and lets you ride longer.

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