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  • CLT809 (
  • Calling it "new technology" isn't quite fair to who came up with it though. Kali Protectives (those goofy looking helmets Jarryd McNeil used to wear) I think should get credit for that. Their website even has a timeline of when they came out with all the innovations (dual density cones, and the squishy low density zones (similar to 6d or leatt turbines).

    That being said, I'm sure it's a leap forward in safety for Fly.


  • ElleDubs (Thumper Talk)

    BOTTOM LINE: The Kali Protectives Shiva helmet is a "Wow!". I don't think that I can go back to a typical sized helmet! I love this helmet; really love it. A smaller, lighter helmet that is DOT approved, proven to reduce rotational forces on my head, reduces fatigue at the end of a long ride day, all in stylish package is a win all the way around.


  • SS109 (Thumper Talk)
    I have the Shiva 2.0 and love it. Very lightweight, good airflow, up to date safety technology and design philosophy.


  • derikyamahar1racer (instagram)
    I hit a wall at 130 and flew 120ft and no head injuries with mine... glad I had my @kali_motorsports helmet on.


  • red_ranger_r1 (instagram)
    Saved my life! 170mph high side to my face. Walked away. No headache or anything. BEST HELMET I'VE EVER OWNED AND THE ONLY HELMETS I'LL EVER WEAR!


  • mphracing43 (instagram)
    Saved mine too! Twice! And all 3 of us are teammates lol.


  • farmboyfunk (thumpertalk)
    In a nutshell, its super lite, compact, good styling (I bought the Speed Machine graphics) and minimalist padding.

    In another thread, I was informed that Kali Helmets run true to size. I ordered a medium and it fit pretty good. No real movement when grabbing the face mask and pulling down. On initial fitting, there was a slight pressure point on my forehead, but after wearing it around the house awhile it went a way. I was somewhat skeptical of the minimal padding for comfort, but also figured it would help the helmet breathe and be better ventilated.

    After strapping it on at the beginning of my first ride I never thought about the helmet again. My head didn’t perspire much at all, even though it is getting warm here in southern Nevada and I never felt any pressure points build up over my 2 hour ride.  My old O’Neal helmet already made me perspire a lot even though the true summer heat hasn’t arrived yet.

    The Kali Shiva Medium weighs 2 lbs 6 oz.
    The Just 1 J12 (not pictured) weighs 3 lbs 1 oz.
    The O’Neal Series 10 Large weighs 2 lbs 13 oz


  • k9adv
    I have a Kali Shiva Carbon I have worn year round on my KTM EXC. I have been impressed with Kali's products.


  • karmaphi
    My respect for Kali has suddenly increased dramatically.  Mainly for sparking research and more meaningful innovation in an industry that was seemingly stale for decades.


  • JHart
    I just got my hands on a new Kali Catalyst helmet and I wanted to share my thoughts. First thing, this helmet looks bad ass. If you are in the market for a full face oval helmet look no further.

    Kali, at least to me, has been more of an off road, mountain bike protection company in my eyes for years, I actually didn't even know they made moto helmets until recently.

    So, besides looking bad ass the helmet fits awesome, I got a tinted lens. It has a breath "deflector" to keep your lens from fogging but to be honest there must be some decent coating on the lens because I couldn't get it to fog even when trying. It also has a removable/washable liner and comes with a spare so you are not waiting for it to dry between rides. The visor is a very solid, quick one button remove/install and it has noticeable and solid detents, it won't just fly open when you turn you head when going above 70mph like I have had with other helmets.

    As for safety, it is DOT and ECE compliant. Kali claims to have some other safety features that spread impact forces out to minimize concussions and other impact related injuries via different density foams. I hope I never have to test that. Highly recommend this helmet!!!!


  • Spunout (Adv. Member -
    I have just started using the Kali Catalyst. This helmet is the best one I have ever used, state of the art technology to provide real protection in the case of an accident. No more pressed in styrofoam helmet innards for me. My Shoei is collecting dust now.

  • Shopena
  • "One of the best helmets we have ever reviewed. It looks great, feels great and is extremely safe."


  • Hollaback1
  • "This is the lightest and most comfortable helmet I have ever owned. Anyone looking for a great carbon fiber helmet should get this thing!! You will not be disappointed!!"


  • Snare - (
  • "With the ultralight weight, comfort, fit, and quality of construction, I am really loving this Kali Shiva. Combining that with the knowledge that this is not just another pretty helmet but has lots of newer impact tech, I am very happy with my purchase."